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Tastes Funny

May 20, 2019

On this episode, Jiggy discusses some recent food experiences he had while on tour in the midwest.  We also talk about some hotel room food hacks, debate which kind of sunflower seeds are best and try to solve the mystery of "cereal aging".   



May 13, 2019

Katie Hannigan is an NYC based comedian and cake enthusiast.  On this episode, we talk to her about everything from the cost of living in NYC to the possibility of alien existence.   Katie also tells us a bit about her time as a tour guide for historical buildings and about a new pilot that she's working on.  We also...

May 6, 2019

Jiggy and Lauren discuss all the latest food trends from reusable straws to the cost of fancy flatware.  Jiggy tells us from personal experience the reason why you shouldn't grill bacon and we break open a new Munchpak and review some cool snacks.       



Apr 29, 2019

Richie Redding is a stand-up comedian living in NYC.  Richie brought in some homemade chili for us to taste and told us the story behind why he started cooking at a young age. We also speak with him about comedy, dating, and food allergies.  Richie also tried out some new Munchpak snacks with us.   

Apr 22, 2019

Jiggy and Lauren do a deep dive into the world of cereal.  They talked about the classics as well as their favorite cereals and some new releases.  Jiggy also introduced us to his periscope fans and took some of their questions while trying out some new international snacks courtesy of Munchpak.